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Comprehensive supply of pipes and fittings for oil and gas and chemical industries.


обсадные трубы Элементы газопровода и нефтепровода отводы
Shutoff and control valves

Shaped elements of the pipeline


In the shortest time we provide you a wide range of all kinds of pipes, elbows, flanges most sought after steels 12Cr18Ni10T, 20Cr23Ni18, 10Cr17Ni13M2T, 316L, 310S, 12Cr1MF, 15CrM, and 15Cr1M1F steel sheets, including highly specialized products exclusive destination.
For uninterrupted supply of metal we organized the inventory assortment for our customers. Among the areas of activity of our company not only supply, but also services of various kinds in the field of metal.

We supply only what needs our customer:

1) seamless steel Pipes, various modifications and grades of steel, ranging from heat-resistant steel for use in gas boilers and various installations running brands such as 12Cr1MF, 15CrM, 15Cr5M, 15Cr1M1F, seamless stainless steel grades kfd, lfdf with titanium content, with increased content of chromium and Nickel superalloys lfdlf, molybdenum pipes popular brand 10Cr17N13M2T, pipes to international standards such as the pipe DIN, ASTM, API. Also stainless steel tubes heat-resistant steel 20Cr23N18. In this type of brands are European standards, AISI 321, AISI 310s, AISI 316 and 316L.

2) Steel sheets, rolled stainless heat-resistant steel brands AISI 321, 310S, 10Cr17Ni13M2T, 316L, as well as European analogues of these products.

3) We can also supply shaped elements of the pipeline (bends, caps, flanges, transitions, pins, etc.) and the valves (gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, etc.)

4) are equipped with pipes for steam boilers, pipes of main and cracking.

5) PI-pipes and fittings in PE and foam insulation.
Pipe of international standards, DIN pipes, ASTM pipes, pipes API