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Stainless seamless pipes

Stainless seamless pipes
(08)12H18N10Т | (08)10H17N13М2Т | (10)20H23N18

Stainless pipes are corrosion-resistant and high durability of materials used in them.

Stainless steel pipes are used in mechanical engineering, chemical, petrochemical and food industries.

Pipes for boilers

Pipes used in boilers and oil cracking processes
Steel grades 10, 20 TU 14-3R (Р)-55-2001Steel grades 10, 20 TU 14-3-190-2004Pipes, cracking | Pipes, gas lifting

— Pipes for steam boilers and steam pipelines TU 14-3-460, TU 14-3R (Р)-55
— Corrosion-resistant pipes GOST 9940-81, GOST 9941-81
— Pipes, cracking GOST 550-75

Oil pipes

Oil pipes (pump and compressor, casing, drilling)
Pipes, casing | Pipes, pump and compressorPipes, main | Pipes, drilling

— Pipes, pump and compressor GOST 633-80, GOST 10705-80
— Pipes, casing GOST 632-80
— Pipes, drilling GOST R(Р) 50278-92, GOST 631-80, GOST 8467-83

Hot-deformed and cold-deformed

Pipes, seamless, cold-deformed and hot-deformed
Pipes, cold-deformed| Pipes, hot-deformed

Seamless pipes are manufactured by various methods of hot- and cold-rolling of ingots, rolled or forged billet, hot pressing. Hot-deformed pipes are regulated by GOST 8732-78. Cold-deformed pipes by GOST 8734-75.


Other pipes

Spiral seam pipes from 530 to 1420 mm | Pipe certified by Gazprom | Pipe certified by JSC Transneft | Polyurethane pipes with polyethylene sheathing (PPU-PE) | Polyurethane pipes with galvanized sheathing (PPU-OTs) | Pipes with diameters from 245 to 920 mm | Precision pipes | Titanium pipes

A pipe has very wide range of applications. It is difficult to imagine at least one sector of economy which would not have used various types of pipes for the solution of specific problems.


Pipes of international standards

Pipes of international standards
Pipes of international standards

Recently, due to the increased presence of foreign contractors, design institutes and, accordingly, the use of projects linked to such standards as DIN, EN, ASTM, API 5L, and others one can see increase in demand for rolled steel and tubes according to international standards.


Pipe of international standards, DIN pipes, ASTM pipes, pipes API