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Cold-rolled pipes, cold-deformed pipes, GOST 8734-75, pipe 8734-75, GOST 8733-74, pipe 8733-74, precision pipes, GOST 9567-75, pipe 9567-75, seamless cold formed

Complex supply of a full range of cold-deformed pipes produced by leading pipe mills in Russia and Ukraine. GOST 8733-74, GOST 8734-75 and precision pipes GOST 9567-75 in assortment, with an outer diameters of 6 to 89 mm and wall thickness of 1 to 10 mm, steel grades 10; 20; 35; 45; 09G2S (С); 30H (Х); 40H (Х); 30 HGSA (ХГСА).

According to the accepted classification cold-deformed pipes are divided into:

  • Seamless cold-deformed general purpose pipes GOST 8734-75, GOST 8733-74
  • Seamless cold-deformed corrosion-resistant pipes GOST 9567-75
  • Special seamless cold-deformed and other pipes byTU (technical specifications)

Seamless cold-deformed pipes:

* PipesGOST 8733-74andGOST 8734-75, steel grade10-20, as agreed by contracting agents pipes are supplied with measured length and other additional requirements according to GOST.


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