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Горячекатаные трубы

Hot-rolled pipes, hot-deformed pipes, pipe 09G(Г)2S(С), GOST 8732-78, pipe 8732-78, GOST 8731-74, pipe 8731-74, seamless hot-deformed

Seamless hot-deformed pipes are produced by various methods from hot rolling of ingots, from rolled or forged billet and hot pressing. Assortment of general purpose pipes is determined by GOST 8732-78, technical requirements by GOST 8731-74.

By accepted classification hot-deformed pipes are divided into:

  • Seamless hot-deformed general purpose pipesGOST8732-78, GOST 8731-74
  • Seamless corrosion-resistant hot-deformed pipes
  • Special hot-deformed and other pipes byTU (technical specifications)


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