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Main pipes

Main pipe has a distinctive feature: a large diameter. The main use of the pipe is laying pipelines for the transportation of liquefied natural gas, oil and oil products and water by predominantly underground methods over long distances.

They are also used in other various conveying systems of other environments with operating pressure of less than 12.5 MPa. Another feature is their use in a variety of climatic conditions, including persistent sharply negative temperatures, and in each case a pipe should be stable to ensure the smooth and continuous flow of large volumes of material transported for a long term. Therefore, the requirements for the production and assortment of main pipes are especially tough. Often, the purpose of a specific pipe requires the application of additional protective coating: zinc, composite, bituminous.

Assortment and characteristics of main pipes

Depending on their features, the main pipe can be attributed to particular types:

  • By method of welding - resistance welding and arc welding;
  • By the type of weld - welded pipes and pipes with spiral seam;
  • By the type if use - pipes for gas mains, oil trunk pipelines, pipes for trunk pipelines with other environments;
  • By size of diameter – small-diameter pipes (up to 426 mm) and large-diameter pipes (from 426 mm).

It’s important to note resistance welding method is suitable only for the manufacture of certain types of main pipes of smaller diameters, while the electric welding is a general-purpose method.

Pipes of large diameters can also be made trimmed with removing burrs and trimmed without deburring (depending on use).

As a material for steel strips (from which main pipes of various sizes are produced by welding method) calm and semi-killed high carbon and low-alloy (chromium and manganese) hot rolling steels are used.

Among the most common are the following brands:

  • St. 10;
  • St. 20;
  • St. 20 KSH (КСХ);
  • St. 09 GSF (ГСФ);
  • St. 10 G2FFBYu (Г2ФБЮ) and others

The main document regulating the production of main pipes is GOST 20295-85.


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Main pipes of electric weldingGOST 20295-85, TU 14-3-1573-96

Main pipe

Main pipes of electric weldingGOST 10706-76, TU 14-3Р-1471

Main pipe


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