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Pimp and compressor pipes

Pump and compressor pipes are used in the exploitation of oil and gas wells for the transportation of liquids and gases inside the casing, as well as for repair and tripping operations.

Pump and compressor pipes are produces in the following combinations and versions:

  • Highly-sealed (highly hermetic),
  • Cold-resistant,
  • Corrosion-resistant,
  • With ends upset outside,
  • With sealing joint made of polymeric materials,
  • With distinctive marking sleeves,
  • Standard version.

The pipes are made with the following diameters: 33, 42, 48, 60, 73, 89, 102, 114 mm. Pipes have following thread types: triangular, triangular highly-hermetic, trapezoidal. Pump and compressor pipes are produced in accordance with GOST 633-80, GOST R 52203-2004, API Spec 5CT and various specifications.


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