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Seamless Pipes

Stainless seamless pipes

Stainless seamless pipes

Resistant to corrosion, characterized by durability. Fields of application: engineering, food, chemical, petroleum and mining industries. We offer the following pipes (08)12Cr18N10T, (08)10Cr17N13M2T, (10)20Cr23N18.

Pipes for boilers

Pipes for boilers. Cracking pipes (used in oil cracking processes)

We offer tubes for boilers and steam pipes TU (technical specifications) 14-3-460 TU 14-3R (Р)-55, corrosion-resistant pipes GOST (State Standards) 9940-81, GOST 9941-81, cracking pipes GOST 550-75.

Oil pipes

Oil pipes

In this section we offer pump and compressor pipes, pump and compressor pipes GOST 633-80, GOST 10705-80; casing (encasement) pipes GOST 632-80; drilling pipes, SBT GOST 50278-92, GOST 631-80 and GOST 8467-83

Hot-deformed and cold-deformed

Steel seamless pipes, hot-deformed and cold-deformed

Specifications of hot-deformed pipes GOST 8732-78 and cold-deformed pipes GOST 8734-78.



  • Spiral seam pipes (530-1420mm)
  • Verified pipes
  • OJSC “Gazprom”, OJSC “Transneft”
  • polyurethane in polyethylene, polyurethane in galvanized
  • Diameter (245-940mm)
  • Precision, Titanium

The company "Forcinox" offers you a wide product range of high-quality, reliable, seamless steel tubes. We guarantee a high level of production and durability of our products.

Amazing features of seamless steel pipes include different scope of use: from assembly of vehicles to construction of ships and aircrafts. Before use our pipes are tested for the force of impact, bending and flattening. Checks on the chemical composition of the product are also carried out.

Our customers can buy seamless steel pipes in any amount and at competitive prices. They can be purchased without intermediaries. For regular customers we offer discounts. Additionally, special offers can be made to those customers that buy larger amounts of our products.

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