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Shutoff and control valves

Shutter valve is a pipe fitting, wherein the locking or control element is moved perpendicularly to the axis of flow of the working environment. Shutters are very common type of valves. They are widely used in almost all technological and transportation pipelines with diameters ranging from 15 to 2,000 millimeters in public utility systems, gas and water pipelines, power facilities, and many others at operating pressures of up to 25 MPa and temperatures of up to 565°C.

Valve (shutoff valve) is locking and regulating unit structurally designed as a valve, that is, its locking element moves parallel to axis of flow of working environment. Like other types of valves, shutoff valves are used for complete coverage of its flow area; i.e. the locking element, in which the check valve is often a spool, during the operation it is in extreme positions of "open" or "closed". To control the flow by changing the flow section there are shut-off control valves that combine these functions.

Latch valve is a type of pipeline valve in which the locking or regulating element has the shape of disc rotating about an axis perpendicular or angled to the direction of working flow. Also, these devices are called dampers, closures, airtight valves, hermetic valves. Most frequently such devices are used for large diameter pipes, in low pressure environments and reduced tightness requirements, mainly as a shut-off valves.

Compensator is a device that allows compensating of movements, thermal deformations, vibrations and displacements.

Use of compensators on various types of devices is necessary to avoid, stabilize or minimize the occurrence of undesirable factors resulting from environmental exposure or conducted environments and as a result of the operations of the device itself. These factors may be a tension in the metal pipe and on pipe supports, etc.

Faucet is a type of pipeline valve where regulating or locking element has the shape of rotational body or part of it and rotates around its own axis, located arbitrarily with respect to the direction of flow.

Faucets can be shut-off, regulation and distribution devices and are designed to work with gaseous and liquid media, including viscous and contaminated, suspensions, slurries and sludge. They are used in main gas pipelines and oil pipelines, in municipal gas systems, in storage tanks, boilers and other areas.

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