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Stainless seamless pipes

Purchase stainless seamless pipes in Riga - Forcinox

Our product range includes stainless seamless pipes 12H18N10T, 10H17N13M2T, 20H23N18, 08H18N10T. Wholesale and retail prices. Pre-order is possible.

Stainless seamless pipes

Pipe (08) 12H18N10T

This pipe is the most in demand in the steel pipe market. It is unique that it eliminates leakage and rupture of surface because it’s seamless.


Pipe (08) 10H17N13M2T (molybdenum pipe)

This is perfect for those who need pipes that are resistant to acids. Pipe composition: steel, nickel, molybdenum, chromium, titanium.

(10) 20X23H18

Pipe (10) 20H23N18

It is used in production where temperatures reach up to 1100 degrees.

Stainless seamless pipe is manufactured by several methods. We use the most reliable method because we do not want to jeopardize our customers. As practice shows, even the most reliable pipe with a seam can leak. And what if it's leakage of gas?

We test our pipes for twisting, pressure, loading, flattening. Integrity of stainless steel seamless pipes ensures high reliable strength. And it is not surprising that they are used in all hazardous areas.

Delivery of products is carried out to all cities of Latvia, Belarus, Russia and Europe. When large amount are purchased we offer special discounts. If interested, please contact our managers.  

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